This is a comic about my own emotions, made to release my own emotions, and to cope with my own emotions.

Flower Crown Edit Tutorial (ONLINE) (◕‿◕✿)


Here is a Tutorial on how to add a flower crown (online) to your lovely Icon. This is for you Anon.♡ (YOU DONT NEED TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING) 


1. Save the picture/Icon you want to add the flower crown too. Save it onto your desktop.

2.Save any transaprent flower crown onto your desktop

HERE are some flower crowns you can use* 

3. Go to FotoFlexer 

4. Upload the picture/icon you saved on your desktop

5. Then once that uploads on top you’ll see  where it says Upload Another Image.

6. Click that and upload the flower crown.

7. Then it will upload and then  you can move the flower crown and adjust it and everything.

8.Once youre done just save it.


*I made this for the anon I made a post just incase someone wants to do the same* 

(PS. Im bad at giving instructions if you still need help Ill make it for you just go to my submit box and upload the picture and the flower crown you want to use) 




Defunding the Control Grid - By literally disconnecting from centralized utility services such as natural gas, electric, municipal water, sewage, etc., one is instantly much freer from the imposition of corporate rule and bureaucratic…


in case anyone’s wondering how much royalties from spotify and pandora really pay. not so easy on the indie bands.


I made a "Where can I buy good quality wigs?" blog post! It took me forever so please check it out! ♥

What is your corset size?



A little something about corset sizing.

A question I get asked a lot is: what is the right corset size for me?

There is not a simple answer to this question without knowing your exact measurement. However in order to make it a little easier for you I have written this little guide.

As a general rule corsets are sized by waist size in inches. The waist measurement of the corset has to be smaller than your actual waist, or else you will not have any reduction.

There are however other measurements to be taken in account. For underbust corsets these measurements would be the underbust, the high hip measurement  and the length of a corset. These measurements are equally important as the waist measurement of the corset.

The waist is the only part where a corset is should chinch. The underbust and hips are supposed to fit smoothly. If a corset is too small at the underbust you get a muffin top, and that is not really pretty.

For example. If we take the 22 inch underbust corset from Skeletons in the Closets standard size range we see that the underbust measures 76 cm, the waist measures 56 cm and the hips measure 87 cm.

If you have an underbust measurement of 80 cm, a waist measurement of 68 cm and a hip measurement of 91 cm, this corset would be a near perfect fit. Ideally you would have a back gap of 4 cm. This means 8 cm will have been nipped of your waist. After all 56 cm + 4 inch gap is 60 cm, leaving a 8 cm reduction.

Something I have seen written a lot of times is that a corset should be sized deducting 10 cm of your waist. But what if you have an underbust measurement of 80 cm, waist measurement of 71 cm and a hip measurement of 87 cm. You would end up with a 22 inch corset, and this corset would soon be too big at the underbust and the hips.

It is also possible to have it the other way around. If you are naturally extremely curvy it is possible that if you take 10 cm off your waist, the underbust measurements and hip measurements of the standard sized corset will be too small. In cases like this, it is possible that a made to measure corset will be more suitable for your needs. This does indeed cost more, but will look prettier.

The other measurement is the front length measurement. Make sure that when measuring yourself you are standing and measure the length from your underbust to your hips, in order to decide if the length of the corset is right for you.  

Something other to take into consideration what trying on a corset is the back gap. If you are getting a corset that is 10 cm smaller than your waist measurement, and the back gap on this corset is 8 cm. You only have a 2 cm reduction. If you cannot chinch your corset any further because the underbust measurement does not leave enough room for your ribs, the corset simply is not shapely enough for you.

I hope that this little writing will help you understand the measurements of a corset a bit better.


Picture by Richard Termorg. Muah: Ismahan Obenali, Model: Nienke. 

Excellent info here!


This was an art project for school, the assignment being to do a piece on some social injustice. As a person who has been, is, and likely will be depressed in the future, I feel a strong shame when the topic of depression is brought up in a social setting, as if my struggle is some kind of a disease. The way depression is talked about is, for some reason, separate from the way physical injuries are discussed. My pain and injury is no less than that of someone with physical evidence that there is something wrong, which is absolute bullcrap. 

Anyway, I hope you like the comic. /end of rant. 

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So apparently there’s some confusion over the new search function.

The search bar will now take you to the search page instead of the tagged page

You can still get to the tagged page by manually entering the url, clicking on a tag, or tracking a tag.

The search page for something like ‘government shutdown’ will return posts tagged things like:

  • #government shutdown
  • #government #shutdown
  • #government shutdown: the movie: the musical
  • #is this because of the government shutdown?
  • #government shutdown//—//-
  • #anti-government #shutdown
  • etc. 

The search will work with tags beyond the fifth tag whereas the tagged pages will not register posts for which the tag in question is not within the first five tags.

The search will only go through the tags on a post and not the content of a post.

Searches for a word in the English dictionary will return results tagged with alternate forms: ‘hiking’ will also return #hike, ‘fluorescent’ will also return #fluorescence, etc.